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Fundraising Service

We offer a three-phase program to help companies raise capital.

In Phase I, we’ll assess the level of your fundraising preparation. Within one month, you’ll have a pitch deck, executive summary, spend plan, go-to-market plan, diligence room, and a target investor profile along with all the backup information to withstand the most exacting due diligence review. More importantly, we’ll provide you with a 90-day plan to achieve your capital acquisition goals through traditional venture capital channels as well as alternative sources of growth capital. With the pitch materials and messaging polished and organized, you’ll be prepared to begin reaching out to investors complete with a target investor profile and an initial list of target investors.

If you prefer not to go it alone, in Phase II, we’ll join your team for 90-days to help execute the fundraising plan. During this time, we’ll identify and reach out to at least 100 investors per week matching the target profile from Phase I and continue to refine the profile and company messaging based on investor feedback.

Upon successfully completing Phase II, the company will determine the appropriate level and scope of continued service desired to close out the funding round, execute the strategic plans outlined for investors, or merely remain available as an advisor.


In Phase III, i2i leads the execution of one or more of the strategic plans created in Phase I as a long-term project.

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